The benefits of brand clarity

Brand clarity what it means and how you will benefit. 

In this blog post, you will understand how you can benefit from being clear about your branding, who you serve and what you stand for. 

My mission for 2018 is to help you with brand clarity,

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If you've been following my brand, you know that I've tried and tested a few formulas until I got 100% clear about my branding. It's completely understandable when you start off to learn by emulation from the people you admire. If you have been focused too much on reproducing what successful coaches or designers are doing and not getting the results you've expected,  I have a recommendation for you, find your sweet spot and don't be afraid to be yourself in your business.

Brand clarity is one way that will help you achieve that.

  • Being clear on your niche will help you tailor your communication to the right audience and focusing on their problems.

  • Having a brand that focuses on authenticity and not trying to emulate someone else will set you apart, create a tribe around your name.

  • Having a clear message will help you create a strong brand story and work from that story for all your visual content.

  • Being clear about your branding will boost your confidence in selling yourself and your services.

  • Feeling aligned with your business will help you take a leap and aim for new horizons, if someone had told me, that I would be part of a branding summit a year ago I would have laughed in their face!

This January I 'm presenting one of the breakthrough sessions at the Creative Launch Summit.

And it's free to watch here

  • You will stand against the competition because you will have a brand rather than a business, we all know that people are buying people. Put your heart and soul in your branding. Every other week I see another design website popping up offering elegant branding photography, do I falter? A bit yes, but then it encourages me to be even more focused and create instead of competing.

  • It will allow you to create a community around you and your brand.

  • There is a soul behind your business, and this will strongly come across in your brand story, people love stories so don't forget to tell your brand story and sharing more about yourself and why you're doing what you.

  • The most successful brand, have brand clarity, look at names, i.e wedding photographers, designers, creatives you admire and scroll through their website and social media, look for harmony, colours tones how does everything fit together? Yes, it works, and they know how to speak to you and inspire you, that is why you love their brand because they're touching you by whatever makes you tick!

  • Being clear about your brand will help being focused, I know how tempting it's to join another Facebook group, listen to another Youtube video from a guru that just popped up in your Facebook news feed. I understand how you feel about it as I have been there, thinking I need to learn more, do this, do that. When this happens just stop and take a breathe think strategy and what's your primary focus right now. Do you need to watch another video? No, then do the work that is relevant to your brand.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, tell us about your brand clarity challenge in the comments, share, send love.

Rachel xx