A wonderful Holiday and Christmas to You! Let 2019 surprise you!

It’s another round for Christmas, sounds surreal. I’m looking forward to days of celebrations with the family, spending time with my children, not being stuck in my office and taking time off. What are you looking forward to?

Have a wonderful festive time _blog.png

Before you take time off, I invite you to look at 2018, look at your vision board and write down all your achievements.

Be assured, not everything on my mood-board came to fruition, don’t be disappointed if you haven’t managed to realise some of your goals. Learn from it instead, why it didn’t work out, what could you do better, what are the lessons to take out of it. Don’t forget to write down all your success though.

Look at your list of celebrations and you will realise that 2018 wasn’t for nothing. You’ve loved, were loved, earned and saved money, booked amazing clients, learned new skills, were part of a workshop that blew your mind and boosted your creativity. Went to gorgeous destinations, built up your health, your strength, started working with a personal trainer, took important decisions. Whatever big or small, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate.

Once you’ve looked at 2018 work on your 2019 vision board, this will boost your motivation and help spike your morale. Looking at your vision board every day will make you feel proud and motivated.

For the less fun part of goals settings, I recommend writing your financials goals for each quarters and months, you can use a google spreadsheet for that, look at where the money will come from? What do you need to do, to achieve these goals?

You know that mapping plans without action will not get you very far. It's all down to knowing where you want to go but also doing the work to get there, adjust as you go along. Be ambitious, this is just the beginning of 2019, and everything is possible.

In need of a bit of airy-fairy dust motivation? Have fun reading your 2019 horoscope by the AstroTwins, sometimes reading what’s ahead, is all you need to keep faith in how amazingly successful you will be this year. I always feel this way in January and September how do you feel in January?

After all the goals celebrating and writing have a break and enjoy the festive time. Prepare ahead and then forget about numbers and goals, make the most of these precious moments with your family and friends. Don’t forget to laugh, have fun, enjoy every minute of it. Joie de vivre is what you and I value most and spending time with the family makes us quiver with delight.

I’m looking forward to a fantastic 2019, helping you to create an amazing and distinctive brand to stand out!

I wish you a wonderful holiday, Christmas and an amazing start for 2019. I will take a break from the Internet and look forward to connecting with you in January to make 2019 a smashing year for you!

My goal for 2019? Getting more personal. It’s about time you know more about me. What is yours?

Rachel xx