A wonderful Holiday and Christmas to You! Let 2018 surprise you!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is looming on the horizon again! This year has been quite incredible about learning, understanding where I wanted to go with my brand and being inspired by great teachers!


What will you retain from 2017? Did you stick to your resolutions, your ambitions? I will be honest with you, I haven't achieved everything I had envisioned but also went into entirely unexpected directions. When I started 2017, the Elegant Brand did not exist, far from me the idea of doing branding films video. And then something just clicked I felt like I had to learn about videos as my motivation behind every photo shoot was the story. Branding film video was a natural evolution of the story telling with moving image.story telling with moving image.

2018 is starting off with a great challenge I will be part of the Creative Launch Summit a four-day virtual event with over 40 + creative experts talking marketing strategies to help your business flourish! It's an incredible resource to learn from the best in the creative industry!

It's free to join  - Join the summit here

Are you mapping out a plan for 2018, making projections? While not necessarily being strict with numbers it helps to map out where you want to be in 2018, mapping out how you will get there. If you need some help drafting numbers and a plan, invest in Megan Minns 2018 Planning spreadsheet they're very simple to use and will give you an idea of the possibles, maybe even beyond of what you imagined, once you'll see the numbers written down.  Don't hold back, be ambitious it's all down to knowing where you want to go but also doing the work to get there. We all know that mapping plans without action will not get us very far.

Make time to learn new skills, be open for time being creative. I understand bringing in cash is key but also create for the sake of creating not just thinking that your clients will be pleased with what you create. Create something that is coming from the heart and you will stand out as being unique!

I am looking forward to a fantastic 2018, helping you to create an amazing and unique brand!

I wish you a wonderful holiday, Christmas and an amazing start for 2018. I will take a break from the Internet and look forward to connecting with you to make 2018 a smashing year for you!

Rachel xx

PS. don't forget to join the Creative launch summit here, I will see you at the summit!