Introducing film videos services

I am very excited to introduce branding film videos services for your brand story. This is another step forward for the Elegant Brand.

I will continue offering branding photoshoot as you still need still images for your "static & variable" visual on brand content, but video is become main stream and I will give you the opportunity to introduce clients into your brand experience with moving images.

So how will the video work?

The principle is the same as with the preparation of the photo shoot. We will have a few consultations before the shooting to understand your brand and message, define how the story will unfold, choose locations & props, discuss styling, brand colours and more. 

Let's team up Create a beautiful brand video for your brand story.jpg

What changes compared to a photoshoot

  • Be prepared to be interviewed on camera, bring on testimonials, key people who can introduce you, tell about the experience they had working with you or for you.
  • Be prepared to show the behind the scenes.
  • Be focused, don't try to say too many things in your video or you will confuse your viewer. Choose one angle for your story, you might want to do just one video only focused on the behind the scenes, another about the brand experience, another introducing the team.

What will I get?

  • You will get a 3 minutes fully edited film (3 minutes is a good time not to overwhelm your viewer) + a shorter one minute version for Instagram to promote your brand.
  • How long do I need to book in advance?
  • It's recommended that you book at least 3 months ahead, to give you the best options of availability and preparations, prop sourcing, styling, location scouting. If you're investing in a film being made you want to make sure that you have brand clarity and all the preparations are spot on.

What's the investment?

Branding film videos start @ £1850.00

What does it include?

  • It includes pre-shoot consultations
  • Local locations scouting
  • Preparation work, styling recommendations, story drafting
  • One day of filming
  • An assistant on set
  • Make-up artist on set
  • Guiding and coaching in front of the camera.
  • Interviews on film
  • Music licence
  • Fully edited 3 minutes video with your logo + 1 minute shorter edited version for instagram.

Are you as excited as I'm? I can't wait to film your brand story and if you wonder what a film looks like? Head to the branded film portfolio

Any question please do get in touch, I'm looking forward speaking to you! Let's make 2018 your biggest year!


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