Designing Your Visual Content - 7. Tools to help you schedule your posts

Tools to help you schedule your posts

Now that we've worked on planning and thinking about what you want to publish for your visual content. I will help you with a list of tools, to schedule your posts

Why should I schedule my posts?

The idea is to post in advance, creating content for 3 and 4 weeks will help you keep your stress level in sight, be consistent and give you time to develop new ideas for future posts. The last thing you want is running like a headless chicken thinking about what shall I post? Or post something last minute completely irrelevant. Scheduling will be your friend!

Tools to help you schedule your posts

Tools that will help schedule your social media posts

  • Facebook scheduling, you can now use Facebook business manager to schedule posts for your pages and in your group, it's a great way to schedule posts if Facebook is your main port of call.

  • Trello board to keep everything organised, create boards with your publishing schedule on all your brand touch points, it will look like a dashboard and give you a quick view of what still needs to be done.

  • Hootsuite is a great tool for juggling a number of social media accounts, I love their very visual dashboard where you have a single view of everything that has been published and what is already scheduled, you can also interact and post comments. It's free to use for 1 user and 3 social media profiles, you will have to open your purse for if you're more than one user or want to manage more social media profiles.

  • MeetEdgar, is a sophisticated version of Hootsuite. You have the options to create a library of content, feed blog posts directly into your library, separate your content into categories and schedule your content on a rotating basis. It's great to reuse content, keep in touch with your audience. It's not enough to engage with your audience as you will still have to comment directly on your social media profiles.

  • Tailwind mainly caters for Pinterest. Its a great tool to schedule your pins and even schedule relevant pins directly from Pinterest, this way you can pin 30 imaged a day or less, again it will help you with consistency to create engagement.

  • Planoly is the way to go to plan for your instagram posts, you can create drafts to play around with your grid and see how it looks like before you post anything.

  • Hire a VA this is probably the best of all, find a VA who understands your brand and message, knows how to engage with your audience. It will help you focus on the most important area of your business, and the services you deliver.

Next week I will help you curate visual content, sharing the best places where to buy images for your  brand,

Are you using any tools that you could recommend? Please do comments, share, send love.

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