Designing Your Visual Content - 6. Ideas for your variable content

Going along with the previous weeks, we're moving into thinking about what you will put into your variable content and the key elements to consider. Variable content is another challenge, as you will need a flow of images to keep it relevant and fresh. So how do we go from there?



  1. Consider all your social media profiles and how many times you're posting.

  2. Chooses themes and a style relevant to your brand story and your ideal client, i.e you're a florist, your themes might be new flowers arriving in the shop, seasonal theme, behind the scenes, a bit of your daily life, occasions to give flowers, flowers shop while you're travel...

  3. The purpose of your image post? Is it to inform, entertain, connect, create product differentiation, tell more of your story, sell, encourage shares, solving a problem, you want your audience to identify with what you're sharing.

  4. Featured clients, latest work, testimonials, how you've made a difference for your client, a video might be more relevant for these if not use images to support what you're saying and give your audience a sense of being part of the story.

  5. Choose images that represent what you're about

  6. Keep personal post relevant,does posting your breakfast tell a story about your brand, are your children part of the branding? If travel has got a big part in your brand story then go ahead and explain in the caption why are you posting this? Personal post are important to help people connecting with you, you could also use stories for personal stuff, you don't need to be so focused on style and aesthetic as the stories disappear after 24 hours.

Plan for the content, as mentioned in week 2 create a planner, use a tool like Trelloboard or just a spreadsheet, with social media profiles, columns with your themes, and the number of images you will need for the next 30 days.

Create the content, take photos, use illustrations, stock photos, and images taken with your phone. Keep your branding in mind.   Curate and design your visual content with your audience in mind, stay consistent with colour tones, are your images more on the darker side or very light and bright? If you choose stock photos, buy them from the same photographer to keep consistent lighting, across your feed but remember social media is more than pretty photos you also want images to engage and inform.

Stay tuned next week I will give you tools to schedule your content. Please do send me your comments about your struggles with visual content, what would like to learn more about,  share the post, send love.

The ElegantBrand by Rachel V

The ElegantBrand by Rachel V

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