Designing Your Visual Content - 4.Planning for your variable content

Following on from week 3, this week we're focusing on planning for your variable visual content. We live in a visual world and when you consider, the number of social media you have to publish on, your blog posts, and your static content, I can feel your head starting spinning! Mine does!



Where do we start planning for your variables images?

We start off by looking at the places where you will use variable content:

  • i. e your website if your product and/or services vary on a regular basis

  • Your blog posts

  • Featured Galleries

  • Behind the scene, you can choose to tell a different story every month, 3 or 6 months

  • Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...

  • Pinterest

Are we there yet? How many places did you find, it doesn't stop there as now we have to consider how many times you're publishing. Once you've determined all your brand touch points, take them one by one, and visualise how many images you will need? Is it 20, 30, 40? Don't forget the number of images you've you will need for your static content.

Create another spreadsheet for your variable images content, with columns dedicated for each image location and numbers of images. This time you will have to consider how many times you publish content on your social media and blog, daily, weekly, etc...

Try to plan your content at least 30 days ahead, keep your brand themes in mind for curating and creating images content. What are recurrent themes in your brand story? i.e images to

  • educate / inform

  • locations that tell your story

  • behind the scenes

  • new process

  • colour tones

  • a bit of your daily life

Don't just post for the sake of posting, this is not an easy task. Your aim is to build an audience and a tribe, therefore you need consistency in what you post. On Instagram I've made the mistake of thinking that pretty pictures are not enough, it's ok to post some in your feed, to connect and develop trust with your audience you also need to communicate with your images though.  Start working on what you want to communicate through the images, in the next two weeks I will help you finding ideas about what to post as images.

Please do send me your comments about your struggles with visual content, share the post, send love.



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