Designing Your Visual Content - 2. How to Tell Your Brand Story

Welcome back! This week we will start working on your brand storytelling. Last week you've set the groundwork about:

  • Your business values
  • Your brand personality
  • Your ideal client

Your brand story will unfold from these key elements. This week we start thinking about how you want to tell your brand story. When you think about your brand what is the story and how will you tell it? There's two type of content you will have to consider:

Static + Variable Visual Content

Your static visual content is what you will use for your core storytelling, on your website, brochure, magazines, social media banner, profiles, etc... Building your static content for these visuals will be in tune with your brand story, which means that these images, videos have to align with your brand message and story. I.e. If your brand message is about enjoying an outdoor lifestyle avoid posting images shot in a studio on a white background. Show images with movements, laughter, emotions and gorgeous outdoors.

Your variable content is the visual content that will help you develop a community and connect on a regular basis, show that you're a real business and making a difference for your client. For this type of content, you will have to consider, what, where, how and why you're publishing this content.

  • what i.e video, facebook lives, photos and what is the story, theme?
  • where, social media platforms, blogs posts, Pinterest,
  • How often will you publish through these medias?
  • Why do you publish this specific video or photo? What is the purpose of it? Is it to educate, connect, give social proof, show the behind the scene, inspire?

The aim of telling your story via all these medium is to connect and build a community that will love and trust your brand, so don't rush the process. I understand you when you tell me I just want to put some images out there? Take a little more time to think about the right strategy .i.e Facebook live is one way to touch down, you will also need images to illustrate your blog posts and pins on Pinterest. Think about your brand's touch point as one rather than publishing in an inconsistent way.

The way to be consistent with your visual content is to create a strategy, think ahead i.e plan your images blog posts for the next 30 days. How often do you publish on your blog and social media? If you publish 7 days a week, then you will need to find, create, 30 images! Stay tuned for next week where we will discuss the strategy in more details to create your visual content.

I hope you find this serie helpful, do tell me in the comments what you're struggling with your visual content. Share the post!

Have a great week.