Designing Your Visual Content -3.Planning your static visual content

Welcome back we're already starting week 3 can you believe it! Last week I introduced you to static and variable visual content, for your brand. This week I will help you publishing more consistent content by planning ahead. Like doing your accounts (which I know you hate doing), we have to start from the number of places you want to post images, you also need to consider what I would call your static and variable images content and what you want to put in them.

A10-weekpostserieshowtodesignyourvisualcontent-week3Howtoplanyour visualstaticcontent

A10-weekpostserieshowtodesignyourvisualcontent-week3Howtoplanyour visualstaticcontent

This week we will focus on planning your static visual content:

How many images will you need? This will depend on where you want to use images. Places where you will find this type of content is:

  • Website, consider all the pages with visual content, even your contact page

  • Magazines, brochures, price list, flyers, business cards

  • Welcome, Branding and Media Kit

  • Your social media profiles

  • Cover Pages, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

  • Your about us page

  • Product /services

  • Portfolio

Once you've considered all these places, take them one by one, and visualise how many images you will need? Is it 20, 30, 40? Did you think it was so many?  Hold on for next week when we plan for the variable content.

When you understand that we process 85% of the information through the eyes, you get a sense of why visuals are so important.

Write it down, create a spreadsheet creating a column for each images location and another column to add the number of images you will need to fill the page with, add a column with a theme for each of the images of what you want in it. You might want to use a different theme for your about page from you welcome kit. Vary your content but stay on brand and tell a story, your images should be self-explanatory.

Once you've created/curated these images they won't change too often unless your brand story or your team is changing. A good consideration is probably to vary these images a minimum of every 12 months.

So where do we go from here then? Next week, we will extend the planning to your variable content. Please do send me your comments about your struggles with visual content, share the post, send love.

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