A 10 Week Series - How To Design and Create Your Visual Content - Week 1

In this 10 Posts series, you will learn about the knots and bolts on how to plan for and create on-brand images for your visual marketing and brand content.

I too often see visual content as the relegated branding task. When people set up their business, they’re very focused on their website and logo with often no pictures showing on their website though, if they have pictures on their site, it's more like selfies and stock images either unrelated to their content, or too generic for their brand, these pictures have no story to tell or will not connect with their ideal client. If this is you, then the good news is that I’m here to change that and help you create relevant visual content!

This week we start off getting clarity for your branding and what you need to have sorted out before starting work on your images.

Your business has been running for some time and you’re ready for a rebrand or just starting, out? Consider all these key elements for your brand before creating your images.

A 10 Post series to help you design and create your visual content for your personal brand

A 10 Post series to help you design and create your visual content for your personal brand

The 3 Key elements you need to have brand clarity on are

  • What do you want your business to be known for?

What value defines your business? What is your message, your mission, why are you doing what you do? How do you serve your clients, what is the experience you want to give them? What matters in the way you serve your clients?

You need to answer all these questions for prospective clients to understand what you can do for them and who you serve. Have a clear vision of your brand, this will make it so much easier for your prospective clients to trust you, as you will stand out as an authority in your field.

  • What is your brand personality, is it quirky, elegant, modern? Did you know that your brand personality does not have to be 100% aligned with yours? You have to define how you want your brand to come across, a luxury brand will not have the same personality as a friendly face or family brand. Be clear from the beginning where you aim to be in the next 5 years, how do you want to speak to your clients, who will be the face of your brand? Are you planning to extend your business or stay as a one-man band?

Your brand personality will help you define, the choice of colours, font, logo and communication tone.

Make sure everything looks harmonious and clear. Don't just choose your fonts and colours at random, get help from a graphic designer and/or test your font and colour combination. Ideally, 3-4 fonts choice and complementary colours tones. Your choice of colours will also give a different message to your audience, i.e. black and white will certainly speak elegance, while bright colours red and yellow will imply something much more dynamic, the vibe and energy will be different according to the colours you chose. If you feel lost making a choice about colours and graphics, consider 3-4 brands that you admire, what do you admire about them, what is the vibe, look at the colour and fonts used. Consider if you’re trying to give the same experience to your clients?

  • Your ideal client

Who will give you money and why? What is the solution you provide that will make a difference to their business or their life? Once you‘ve defined the client you'll be serving, you'll have a better communication strategy to connect with them. Read more about how to define your ideal client here

When you start to define a clientele and have regular clients it will be of relevance to ask them how you’re making a difference for them, also how you could serve them better and what other solutions you could provide for them.

Do your homework for this week if you find this post helpful, do not hesitate to share it! I will be back next week with more strategies to help you create beautiful visual content for your brand.

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