How a powerful personal brand will enhance your personal life

How can your brand and personality be so closely related? I will speak from experience here. When you start out your business you're rather in a fearful position and full of doubts. How will my product come across, will people buy from me? How will I make money, what is the competition doing?

The first temptation is to look at the so called competition,  a successful business offering the exact type of services and products you're providing. To be honest it can be quite discouraging at first as these people who have been running their business seem to be very successful in their field and super focused with their branding. What you don't see is that they have been working on their business for years it didn't happen overnight.


When you start out, instead of walking, you just want to run and be an overnight success, right? It's how it felt for me anyway!

I will tell you a secret it will take months, or years to understand exactly where you want to go with your business and what your brand is about. I recently heard a great analogy about branding from The Higgins Creative Design Agency, that branding was like an iceberg, what you saw on the surface is the sum of a number of hidden actions

  • Your Message & Vision

  • Your purpose why are you doing what you do?

  • Ideal clients

  • The problems you're solving

  • Goals & Dreams

Until you get clear about these hidden actions, your message will not come across and your branding will lack clarity. Why? Because you tried to emulate someone with tested and proven recipes for their business. It will not necessarily work for you as you're not clear about all these key elements, that need working out before you start designing anything.

I know how exciting it is to launch a new business but also know how much money it's easy to waste to book designers, photographers, copywriters with just an idea of what you want and zero strategies behind it, hoping that the designer, photographer, copywriter etc... will know exactly how to tell your brand story. Not so my friend, take control, no one can read your mind, even worse if it's a muddle up there and you don't know what you want.

Next time you're tempted to spend an arm and leg with a designer who promises you the moon but you're still unclear about who your brand is serving and the problem you're solving. Take a deep breath and do your home work first! A valuable branding strategist will always ask you about your brand voice, message and your goals.

Get clarity on the hidden actions points I mentioned earlier. Being intentional with your branding will enhance your life! How? Not only will you want to spread the message about your brand to everyone you meet. You will have the incredible feeling of being a woman with a mission. Making a difference for your clients will come across in your branding.

The experience you give to your clients will be reflected in your branding and this will make you desirable to your dream clients and an inspiration to every person you meet, it's called being aligned.

Byrachelv photography