3 Steps - Planning Your Editorial Style Brand Story

An editorial style brand story

This week we will take a step back from branding strategy. I will introduce you to the more creative side of branding with an editorial style themed photo shoot I've been working on called Red Riding Hood.

The story is set in the gorgeous town of

St Antonin Noble Val in the South West of France

for a dream photo shoot themed on Red Riding Hood.

When thinking about creating an editorial style photo shoot, you have to take a few elements into consideration.



When I thought about the location set in the South West France, the movie Chocolat came to mind. I started researching images about the film and came across pictures of Red Riding Hood. My idea evolved from the movie to Red Riding Hood walking across a medieval town, buying bread and roses to visit her grandmother. When I came onto location, I had a walk around, looking for ideas, which helped me to unfold the story in mind. The girl I was photographing was a beautiful thirteen-year-old. We used dresses that she had in her wardrobe for the styling and added a red cape, letting her hair loose as I wanted her to show some wilderness being a teen rather than the child we imagine in the tale.

When you've the start of an idea for a dream photo shoot (i.e. you want to be photographed in Paris or the dream city for your brand?) in mind, it's important to understand the purpose of what you want to create and the story you want to tell. Who will be featured in the photoshoot? Is it just for you or your brand? Do you intend to bring your family and children into the story? Once you're clear about your purpose and the story you want to unfold, it will be easier to plan.

3 steps planning your editorial brand story

3 steps planning your editorial brand story


After deciding location and styling, I came up with three sites ideas for the shoot. The story was to have Red Riding Hood walking through the medieval town leaving her house to visit her grandmother out of the city, having funny moments when crossing the forest with the story finishing when she arrived at her grandmother's house.

Create a vision board to get directions for your story, where do you start? Where does it finish, what do you say in it?

When you book a dream photo shoot, we collaborate to create a story for your purpose. We work through the styling, the location that I scout for you. Come up with a schedule for the day of the shoot.



Planning is essential, be focused on your story, location and purpose and then create a plan of how the story will unfold, don't leave it to chance!

When we work together, to fully enjoy your dream photo shoot experience, we will have done all the work beforehand, knowing which style you will wear and the locations we chose. The photoshoot will be fun and a unique experience where you will have created something that comes from you with my help to treasure in prints on the wall of your home and have a unique brand story.

Byrachelv photography

Byrachelv photography

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