Identify the YOU in your brand

YOU in your brand to create a unique brand experience

Got a personal brand? A personal brand is centred around you, you're the drive behind the business, the image of it, which makes it key to identify the YOU in your brand, ie. your values, your promise to your customer and the brand experience you're giving to your clients.

Who are you and what are your values?

The advantage of having a personal brand is that it's unique to you, there's only one like you. It would make it difficult for someone else to emulate the exact same experience. Keep it this way, your products or services are certainly not 100% unique but your brand promise and the experience you're giving to your client are! Don't be afraid to show yourself to clients and share your story.

Tell your client why you've started your business, how you're solving their problems. What can they expect working with you? Be super clear about who you're serving and why. Make it obvious that you're not for everybody, being focused on a specific niche you will know exactly how to help your clients, as you went through the same experience, share it with them to help them jump the hurdles you went through.

Rachel V Photographer for the Elegant Brand

Rachel V Photographer for the Elegant Brand

Being YOU will also differentiate yourself.

Develop your brand with a deliberate sense of differentiation, you know that clients who work with you, have a completely different experience from your competition but how do you tell prospective ones?

Be clear about who you serve, i.e you're a business coach to help women set up business, it's not enough, narrow your niche and learn about your the insides and outsides of your ideal client to communicate the right message. Emphasise the benefits of working with you. Another example, you might be a photographer specialising in destination weddings also means that you know where to find the best locations abroad for your bridal photos, have a network of local services providers you can recommend and help create an amazing photographic experience for your couples photo shoot.

If you're still not clear about your what branding experience should be? Align it to brands you admire, choose 3 brands and write down the words that define them i.e modern classic, quirky, avant-garde. What do you like about these brands, what type of experience do they give to their clients and how do you feel about it. Base your services on the same type of experience you want to give to your clients.

Build a tribe 

To have clients choosing you over the competition, show yourself, explain what defines your work, your values, share your insights, why you're doing what you do. Educate, be of service to build an audience.

Be consistent with every visual content you put out there if your brand is red lipstick and free flowing dresses then keep it in mind each time you appear in front of your audience, in a photograph, in videos for people to recognise you across a number of platforms.

The advantage of having a brand that features YOU, is that you're allowed to be who you are and get paid for it, isn't that a wonderful thought?

I had my very own personal branding photo shoot to communicate my values and brand experience in images. It feels wonderful to have visual content aligned with my personal brand and images that tell about the experience I give to my clients.

Byrachelv photography

Byrachelv photography