How to create great content to wow your audience

Your business is a solution provider for your ideal client but how will they now?

You have to COM-MU-NI-CA-TE and create great content!

Your first step is to educate your client about what you do and why you do it. Communicate, write, spread the word about how you have the solution to help your ideal client. I.e. you're a business coach, how will you stand out from other coaches? Some ideas here are, being yourself, creating informative content about what you do and how you help your clients differentiating themselves in a crowded market! Tell your story, how you came about your business and stood out from the crowd through the services you're providing. Creating content is the major step, but then you have to make sure it's useful, informative and fun to read.

howtocreategreatcontent for your audience

howtocreategreatcontent for your audience

Write everything you publish with these steps in mind


Your client is not in your head and very far from the context you’re writing in. You’re writing for someone who wants to make sure you have the perfect solution to their problem not a panel of experts. Make sure the language you use is understandable, you’ve only got 4 (may be even less!) seconds to wow your visitors make sure what you write is comprehensible, your headlines, links and navigation should explicitly say “what’s in it for me”!

2. Concise

You might think of these prolific writers and talkers, which always fascinate me. I'm completely on the opposite and had to learn to expand my thoughts for someone else to understand what I was talking about to make sense. What to aim for a balance in between. Write clear, be concise, no one's got the time to read three pages long, cut paragraphs, go straight to the point!

3. Compelling

There's a great book I would recommend you read called "All Marketers are Liars: The Power of Story Telling" By Seth Godin. To create a compelling story you have, to tell the truth, as your inconsistencies will be found out!

By telling your story, you will tap into human emotions! How many times have you been to the movies and disappointed as the film did not have a great plot?  My boys convinced me recently to watch a film called John Wick, past the enjoyment of having Keanu Reeves as the main character, the movie bored me after 5 minutes. There was no story to it, just constant car crashing and shooting, so make sure you're grabbing attention with your story. Great stories move us, make us tick, keep us awake at night! Be real, be authentic and don't forget to add your unique flavour to the mix,  to give a unique experience to your clients! Uncover what makes your readers tick and create content about what keeps them awake at night. Communicate on the great solution you're providing, don't sell, tell a story about how your services are making a difference to them and why you do what you do.

How are you creating a difference for your customers? What type of content makes you tick? I can't wait to read your comments!

Byrachelv photography

Byrachelv photography