Create visual content from your time away

Summer is a time of massive exodus.  Large crowds escape the country flying to different horizons for well deserved time off.

Is it your time to fly away yet? I'm certainly looking forward going on holidays with the family soon. Having grown-up kids means that they will leave the nest soon and for me to make the most of the time I spent with them, it will be a very special holiday. I'm planning to learn more about doing videos and filming my kids to create a legacy for the future.

You might be thinking, holidays are a time for me to switch off and not to lift a finger, I would like to suggest something else for you though.

create visual content when away

create visual content when away

You will certainly travel with your phone may be a DSLR camera? If your brand is all about, international travel, celebrating time off, enjoying dining Al Fresco, buying flowers, sitting at the beach? This might then be the perfect opportunity for you to create some visual content while away?

  • Do some homework before you go, about your brand, what type of visual content would be relevant to it. i.e If you are a florist you might want to focus on local flower markets, take one morning with your camera and browse through the flower market, go for colours that match your branding, create a little story around these images, think ahead where would you post them on your website, on a banner, on Instagram, in a future blog post? Then plan for it, write some notes, visualise this content and don't forget to shoot in landscape or portrait crop accordingly.

Think like an Art director for the type of images you would like to use for your visual content. I understand how time-consuming it is to be on a constant whim to create content. This is a time in the year where creating your visual content will be fun, not only because you're creating ahead but also choosing what to photograph for your brand with a purpose. Art directing your content will bring clarity and definition to the images you take and not just shooting at random.

Art direction is a filter for making judgements [...] start by determining the overall emotion you want for the images.  (Christopher Cashdollar).

  • Create a plan about what to photograph with your brand in mind. The idea is to do the work before you leave for the holidays.

  • Create a Pinterest board with ideas on the location you are going on holidays

  • Make a list of the key elements for selecting the type of images you will take.

  • i.e if you are a life coach and your brand is all about outdoors, energy, movement, fun. Make sure your visual content will entail that.

  • Some ideas could be a morning at the seaside to create your content, photograph the sea coming to touch your feet, throw a sun hat into the air, a beach basket with flowers in it, hair flowing in the wind.

If you come back home from holidays with 20 images, you will have created images that resonate with you emotionally and with your brand rather than using bland stock images. Use an editorial calendar to plan when and where you will use these images.

Remix them by editing them in, adding quotes and text to it. Spread them across all your social media platform and use them to illustrate blog posts.

I do hope that this post will have sparked some ideas for you visual content and that you will have a great time away.

I'm also taking a break from blogging, in the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram. I look forward to bring you lots of new content in September to help you Art Direct your personal brand. Let me know in the comment the biggest challenge you're facing with visual marketing for your brand?

Byrachelv photography

Byrachelv photography