5 Ideas to create on brand visual marketing

1.Put yourself in the story

Show the behind the scene; this could be showing your workspace, your favourite coffee shop where you sometimes hang out to escape the home office. Create inspiration around your story, your environment. Add images to every product you sell, 93% of buyers online say images is the number 1 factor when buying a product.

2. Create quote cards


Use your brand kit, colours tones, fonts, to create inspirational quote cards, that you can easily share on social media. Reading a quote on a Monday morning will always inspire someone and put a smile on their face.

3. Strong Calls to Action

Did you know that 70% of businesses don't have a call to action! Make it clear to your prospective clients about you want them to do next. This could be on a page on your website, in a blog post. Ask them to take action, about visiting another page, joining an event, taking on a special offer. Don't let your prospective clients leave your website before you've asked to get involved, think about a call to action on everything your post out there.

4. Images on brand

Your images are part of your brand; they show your brand values and your promise to your customer. Show your brand value via your pictures, understand what type of images are your brand. Create a branding kit with a Pinterest mood board to post images that match your branding.

5. Help your clients with Tutorials

It can be either via videos, or visuals, with cheatsheet, infographics,  make it easy to read. Choose subjects that are relevant to your ideal client and make their life easier, if it's something they can learn on the go even better.