8 Ways of brand building you didn't even think of

1. Reach out to someone you admire in your field

Find the people that gravitate around your area of business, you don't necessarily have to reach the top, build a relationship with someone who could help you promote your brand to their community. Build the relationship first, follow, comment, get yourself noticed.

Let's get you hustling!

Let's get you hustling!

Let's get you hustling!

2.Be Aligned with your brand

The more aligned you are with your brand and purpose the more confident you will feel to get out there! Even the most camera avoiding introvert will have some passion for showing, and push him out of the wood and in front of his audience. The more confident you are the less scared you will be to reach out to influencers.

3. Be Real

Now that you've got your own business, no need to hide behind the corporate stance, be you and this involves being silly so be it! People want the real you, not some tick the box personality. I understand you're in business but it's the genuine YOU that will make you stand out of the crowd and I didn't say emulate someone else, no just be you!

4.Share your content directly

Create a circle of influencers you want to connect with, follow them and read what their putting out there, if any of your posts or content is as good match, nothing stops to get in touch and ask if they would be interested in sharing your content as you thought it would be useful to their audience.

5. Create a tribe

With a Facebook group or else, build a community of like-minded people that your brand can serve and help. It will give you a great insight what problems your brand can solve and keep the pulse with your audience.

6. Co present, co-write, guest blog

Find influencers that accept guest blog posts, publish interviews of people you would like to associate with your brand, organise webinars educating your audience about your brand

7. Tell your story

We've seen a huge shift in marketing these years from a sellers' market we've moved to a buyers market. In a sea of blandness and promotion, you want to make your brand less boring. I've recently been to a network meeting where everyone was blatantly promoting themselves that I switched off after their first line.  The person we listen to was the one that was telling a story why she was doing what she does and genuine with her purpose. All the others sounded the same. It might be harsh to hear but think about your audience you're not selling to them, they want something so put some passion and human connection out there!

8.Visual Content

To the risk of repeating myself, yes visual content, thoughtful, inspiring and in line with your branding. Put some beauty out there.

Tell in the comment if you tried something out of the box which worked really well for you!