5 Steps to help you curating content for your audience

Curating content

Will help you stop staring at the screen and get you moving to write and connect with your audience!

You must have heard a lot about content marketing, if not please look it up! We are in an economy where content is gold! Not just any content! The way to build a tribe around your business is by providing useful information with the idea of developing a relationship with your audience and understand their pain point.

This means really being of service, finding and writing helpful content for your audience. Where do you start by finding relevant content?

5tools to help you curate content

5tools to help you curate content

Step 1: Know your audience, who are you catering for? Who is your ideal client? What type of information are they on the look out?  When I started this blog I did not really have a clue about what to write or post. I thought with all the images I have, I will have enough content for the year around, except that you wouldn't like to read about my photoshoot all year round, would you? From time to time, it sounds great (tell me otherwise!) but if make an effort to read something it is because we find it useful and I completely get that and have decided to be more informative with my posts to help in your journey as an entrepreneur.

Before you start researching content and writing, do you research!

Step 2: Where to find ideas and content to write about? Start with the places where your ideal client hangs out, Facebook groups, subscribe to blog posts, follow twitter feed.

Browse for topics through

  • Pinterest, yes its a great search engine tool!

  • Use Feedly to organise your sources and set up alerts for new content

  • Follow influencers in your area

Step 3: Spread your content over different posts, try to stick to one topic per posts . Create a stream of posts, use paragraphs from your blog post and schedule them on your Facebook page and twitter.

Step 4: Ask what people want to read, do a regularly survey, monitor the posts that get the most interaction on your social media.

Step 5: Create an editorial calendar with your content planned for the next 6 months, choose days to batch your research content and writing. Plan your writing a month ahead so you will not enter a stage of panic thinking about your next blog posts this will give you a buffer, but don't let it get too short or your will feel stuck in a rut again.

Do you have a great strategy to share about curating content? Please share in the comments.