10 Reasons To Have a Lifestyle Photoshoot in Rome

A Lifestyle photoshoot in Rome

You might wonder what's the link between a city and personal branding? Have you ever been to Paris, Rome, or Barcelona because each time you step in one of these cities, it makes you feel special?

It does happen to me a lot, I love travelling to Rome, Barcelona or Paris to have that "je-ne-sais-quoi" feeling each time I step foot in Paris or else. It's like adding a bit of spice to our ordinary lives, because it's something so special, we're also much more aware and make an effort to look around with an open mind to enjoy each moment, nothing taken for granted there!

Lifestyle photoshoot in Rome

Lifestyle photoshoot in Rome

Do the names of Barcelona, Paris or Rome, bring images of beautiful places to mind when I tell you about these cities? Do you see yourself sitting at a terrace in front of "a café and croissant" or a cappuccino?

In an overcrowded market of entrepreneurs, creatives, and coaches, you know well enough that people are buying YOU and what your brand represents. They could as well choose another coach, they want you because everything from your brand to your offering aligns to trust you, being authentic, with the power to offer them value and help them attain their goals.

You're the whole package; you’re not just a service, an entrepreneur, a coach, or a creative. You are a personality and a lifestyle, someone who sets aspirations for what your ideal client can aim to. Now let’s go even deeper if you have the power to picture yourself in Rome, think what your ideal client will associate working with you, with images of yourself set in height of the Dolce Vita.

Seeing pictures of you in Rome will transport them there and give them something to aspire to, they could even imagine meeting you in Rome for a coaching session or a conference!

If you’re not convinced enough here are 10 benefits to set your personal branding photoshoot in Rome

  • Your brand embraces a lifestyle that celebrates the Dolce Vita

  • You love that bright light, and the Roman houses colour tones are spot on brand

  • You want client meetings in Rome and plan to have a live event for your members

  • You will have up to 40 Instagram posts, and remix for Facebook

  • You will find ideas and images for 20 - 30 blog posts

  • You will have images to use in your brochures & promotional material

  • Rome is on your ideal client dream list

  • You want to set your personal story and show your way of living in Rome, include your family in the settings

  • You want to show your audience what they can aspire to

  • Just because!

What would be your reason to have a personal branding photo shoot in Rome?

PS. Is Rome the right location for your brand message? Join me for a personal branding photo shoot  get in touch via info@theelegantbrand.com