Finding your voice branding yourself

When I started my business I was more concerned about how it should look rather than thinking about who I was serving. I was lost. Who was my ideal client? How should I communicate with them? What types of problems was I solving? I still considered myself just as a photographer with a passion for what I was doing and quickly discovered that,



Passion is not enough.

Passion should be the number one motor behind your brand, but as I've discovered it’s not enough. Having a beautiful portfolio does more for your ego than connecting with your ideal clients and developing relationships. Other businesses have beautiful portfolios as well, so how do you tell people, "Hey, I’m here!".

Telling people how good you are, that you’re passionate about what you do, or showing them your beautiful work, might seriously BORE them! What drives people online, is searching for specific products or learning something. There's your clue.

Repeat after me - I serve X because I help them with Y. This is your business fundamental, do not skip this step. Be clear about your message and the help you’re providing. You might be a wedding planner, specialising in offering the finest destination weddings in Europe and Italy which already means that you have a target. Add personal attention to that and you will transform your brand into something unique.

Combine your YOU with your ideal client.

What stands you apart from other wedding planners is, YOU. How you care for your clients, the knowledge you have to offer, your expertise, your thoughtfulness, your attention to, YOU. How you care for your clients, the knowledge you have to offer, your expertise, your thoughtfulness, your attention to detail.

Who is your ideal bride? You already know that: 1.    She wants a destination wedding 2.    A wedding that'll look gorgeous, in an amazing location with a strong emphasis on romance 3.    That looks like a harper’s bazaar editorial

You’ll have to dig much deeper to understand the extras she’s after and what type of brand appeals to her.

Now think about the look and feel that will appeal to your unique customer and add your unique touch to it. To start off, you might be tempted to look at your competition out there. Go beyond and think about what appeals to you. What makes you tick and which brands do you love?

I know it’s not easy to move away from the competition, especially when you’re starting off, as you might wonder how will people like you if you're different? You want to be different, because you want to stand out!different, because you want to stand out!

Potential clients won’t find you overnight, you have to get out there, network and build relationships. And if you have a brand you're proud off, is in line with who you are and what you stand for, you won’t think twice about showing yourself.