Create highly visible pins

I might be a little bit biased writing about Pinterest, as I’m an avid fan. I’m attracted to visuals like a moth to a flame and spend time daily on Pinterest to engage, be inspired, and share content.

You might be deterred, thinking, "not another social media platform to add to my social media campaign". Trust me; I know the feeling! I'll tell you a secret! Plan ahead, prepare your content and automate. Here are some facts that might convince you to be on Pinterest!



  • Some facts about Pinterest.

Number of monthly active users: 150 Million - 50% Outside the US

  • Demographics.

If your ideal client is female, you should be on Pinterest

81% are women - Average age 4050% earn more than $50K with 10% making $125K

Keep in mind that Pinterest is a different platform than Facebook, your content has to be useful and inspiring to attract attention. Most pinners are using pins to collect images for inspiration for the long and short term. Pinterest is used to plan; boards are created for inspiration and aspiration. I.e. a wedding or branding ideas, which means that pins live longer. A pin can pop up in searches months after it was posted.

Did I manage to convince you to start pinning and sharing content on Pinterest? The next step is to create your pins.

  • Creating your pins.

While repining is part of the strategy, try to pin 3 to 4 times a day. You ideally want to add your pins at least once a day.

  • Options to create pins

You can reuse and remix content from previous posts you shared on social media, blog post, Facebook post and inspirational quotes to drive traffic.

  • Create images with context

Create visuals with a clear message. The image might be straight talking to you but the concept completely alien to someone not aware of the context. Include some text to your images but don’t overdo it, you want to keep it readable and one message at a time! Create a clear message to create engagement. (read more on how to grow your audience with great design) 

  • Create content that tells a story

Did you know? 92% of consumers want brands that create content to tell a story.

Pin your article or post in multiples feeds. Create infographics, plan a monthly/quarterly photo shoot with the purpose of creating content to distribute on your all your marketing channels, pin directly from your website adding details in the description.

  • Things to consider:

Check the copyright. Are you allowed to use the picture you’re about to share as your content? Ideal image size for pins is expanded size 735 Pixels height keep your images ratio at 2:3. Align content with your brand - consider fonts, colours, visual style for your pins, mood and story.

  • Tools to create your pins:

Upload your images in Canva and add quotes and text to it.

Now that you have planned your pins for the next 30 days you want to find a way to automate and distribute your pins on a set schedule.  My favourite tool for spreading my pins and sharing pins is the tailwind app. Tailwind will allow you to plan and schedule ahead.

I hope you've found this content useful! Happy Pinning! The more you pin, the more you'll be inspired by content to share and create new content, making the most of your visual content remixing existing posts.