What is Branding?


Branding is one of the buzz words that's spreading fast through every business conversation. Interestingly, a lot of people seem to be confused about what branding is all about? It’s so much more than a logo or a few graphics and a website. Let's rather think about it as presence, a soul! It’s like when you enter a house you've never been in before. You sometimes get an instant feeling of being 'at home' even if it’s not your house. It feels like harmony... and this is the way you want your ideal client to feel when they come to your website.

We all know about famous brands, these brands have been around for a long time and have built their presence around legacy and trust but also about what they convey and the story they're telling. To gain a better understanding about branding, choose your three favourite brands that are your 'go to'. What attracts you to these brands? What are their values? What are the three top words that you attach to these brands and why would you buy from them?

Write these words down. For example, my go to brands are Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Burberry.  The words I attached to them are, sophisticated, modern classic, authentic and bold.  What are yours?

I will show you that it does make sense to understand what values you are communicating with your brand and what story is behind it. Who your audience is and what problems you are solving for them? Clarity is critical here.

If, like me, you became an entrepreneur because you transformed a passion into a business; you might not have realised it but you already have a powerful brand. Does it make sense in your communication, though?

Now like mine, your business is undoubtedly not the only one serving clients in your field, having a clear, concise vision for a brand based on your values is one of the best ways to differentiate yourself in a saturated market. Your name should be created from:

Authenticity, what your values are. Driven from the heart. Clarity about the individual beliefs and benefits you are providing to your clients.

The first step to developing your brand is with a deliberate sense of differentiation and where to position yourself on the market.

Who are you for? Who is your ideal client? What problems are you solving? You want to emphasise the benefits you are providing to your customers with a magnifying glass! Make it easy for them to understand what you can do for them, how and why!

If you haven't done so already, sit down and do the groundwork, be clear about what you and your brand stand for.

"Truly Great Brands are created from inside out" - Debbie Millman

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