10 Reasons why you need a destination photoshoot

Well, this year I have decided to extend my offering, I love working on location creating new stories for your brand integrating your message, adding style and mood to generate great visual content.

As I explained in my previous post, when you design visual content, you want a variety of images, pictures that tell a story, with multiple uses for your blog posts, social media, visuals that inspire, what brand story wil you tell? You don't just want generic images which are not relevant to what you do and what you stand for!


Here are 10 Reasons why a destination photo shoot might be of value to your brand

1. Your brand identity is associated with a city

Your brand is all about, summer, Joie de Vivre and La Dolce Vita, your audience, loves how laid back you are, your name deserves bright images with lots of sunshine, going to a market in Provence, sitting on a terrace watching passers-by, writing in a notebook. The best cities to emulate this lovely summer afternoon feel are Barcelona, Nîmes or Arles.

2. You need visual content for your blog posts

Go on a destination photo shoot with clear ideas about what you want to write about and put yourself into the picture. You could have a plethora of images to use and remix for the next 6 months!

3. Your audience loves this city

Delivering what your audience expects from you is key. You want to entice them, inspire them, and show them a life they can aspire to.

4.People want real human engagement

Show your personality, have fun in the city of your dream, if your audience is allowed to dream so are you!

5. Meet influencers

The people you admire and follow might live away from where you are based, organise a meet up in the city of your dream, San Francisco? Tell the story of your two brands, how are you inspiring each other, have them involved in your photo shoot, tell about why this person is someone you admire why is she of influence, use the visual content in your blog posts to tell what this person has taught you.

6. Make a more personal connection with story telling

“The best stories have a human element,” writes Patrick Armitage, director of marketing for BlogMutt. “Without a personal connection, a story is just information.” Show yourself in images, go out and about, put yourself in the story, make it personal and take your readers on a journey to discovery.

7. Arrange a speaking engagement

You are an expert in your field, you speak from a place of knowledge and the information you deliver bring changes and makes a difference to people lives. Combine your talk with a destination photo shoot and tell about the talk, the information delivered, the feedback with matching visual content. Show yourself in situation and making the most of your time in the city where you will deliver the talk!

8. You want a styled photo shoot

You want a styled photoshoot with a location and style matching your brand, you imagine a lavender field with a french farmhouse in the background. You want portraits, action shots but also details shots to use as beautiful visual content.

9. You want to introduce your family to your audience

You want to show the behind the scene of your family, you don't want to show your own home but want to show yourself on location, walking on the beach in Miami, living and enjoying the moment. Be your authentic self among the people you love, telling your story with an introduction to your family.

10. Just because!

You are planning an escape to Ibiza and would love to use your stay to produce great visual content for your brand. Images that will bring a new dimension to your name and magnify the content that you are putting out there.