7 Fashion and Style bloggers for Women over 40


Have you ever heard of Lisa Lennkh, Catherine Summers, Michelle Tyler or Liz Yeowart? These women have filled the gap of desperately needed fashion inspiration for Women over 40 that most women's weekly or monthly mag have seemed to bypass! Thanks to them you won't have to stand in front of your wardrobe with a lost look on your face or have to resort to granny style!

I have the pleasure to introduce you to the Over 40 Collective featuring:

  • What Lizzy Love - Liz Yeowart

  • Midlifechic - Nikki Garnet

  • Retro Chic Mama - Michelle Tyler

  • Not Dress As Lamb - Catherine Summers

  • The Barefaced Chic - Michelle Lyndon-Dykes

  • The Sequinist- Lisa Lennkh

  • Lady of Style - Annette Holdrich

I had the pleasure to photograph these 7 ladies for their over40collective  personal branding group photo shoot in the streets of London on a very cold but sunny morning.