4 Movies to inspire your creative vision and branding

We are in November already, the weather is turning nasty and the day shorter by the minute. Christmas ads are full on our TV screens, does this not make you want to scream. "I am not ready for Christmas yet" we've already so much on our plate to think about, forget about Christmas this looks like another burden for now! What I've to offer might not agree with your busy schedule, although only suggesting to stop the rush, and give yourself more time to unleash your deep-rooted creativity which we seem to rarely accommodate these days.


What I'm suggesting is for you to watch one or more of these movies to let your creative vision flow again and bring it into your business. In a highly competitive world what's going to make you stand out is YOU and what you' re bringing to the world, your vision, how you serve and help your clients.

How are you going to do that if you're only focusing on what your competitors are doing and worrying about not being able to catch up? What I'm suggesting is for you to stop the race, pause and encourage you to see differently. Watch these movies without any distractions, let every image set in and look for colours, compositions, feeling, emotions and how to they're all part of the story to create the whole picture, be inspired and let the ideas flow, take notes. After watching 1 or more of these movies, start to work on your business story with the same focus in mind:

  • Colours

  • Feel

  • Emotions

  • Composition

Think about what you want to show in your branding and how you want to make the story more appealing to your clients by taking these elements into account.

The movies to inspire you

  • Amelie by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Amelie is set to make a difference in other people lives, the film is very colourful as Amelie is living in a world of dream and beauty.

Task --> Are you focusing on your dreams right now, showing beauty / how beautiful your business is?  How is your business making a difference to others?

  • The Wings of Desire by Wim Wenders

This film in black and white is about the life of Angels following those on Earth, preserving and helping life down on Earth. Also a quest for sensory and physical aspects of things and beings.

Task --> Take time to feel the world around you, become more aware of your business and life environment and how you can infuse more of your lifestyle into your business, does your business match or is it line with the values and the lifestyle you're aspiring to?

  • Paris Texas by Wim Wenders

This movie is about a wanderer in the desert found by his brother helping him to reconnect with his son and wife. This film is about beautiful landscapes, colour and wide open spaces.

Task--> Give yourself time and space to think.  In what space does your business operate? Right now are you focusing on the short-term view, hustling, running like a headless chicken with no vision? What is your long-ter vision, take some time out, go out to the park with a note book and write your long term vision.

  • The secret in the Eyes by Juan Jose Campanella

This story set in flash backs is a retired legal counsellor trying to write his memoirs and finding closure in an unresolved murder case in the process.

Task --> Look for the twist in your business. Take one idea about your business and think how you can expand it, to a new market, bring a new solution to your clients. Think beyond the obvious, test and ask around to get some feedback about this new idea.

Share your list of inspiring movies in the comments! Tell us how they inspired your creative vision or branding!