Featured Photoshoot - Meet Connie The Designer Behind True Word Jewelry

Connie was the lucky "2016 portrait competition winner", she lives in Connecticut and was very excited to visit London for the first time with her family in June earlier this year. The trip was the perfect opportunity to match her modern and inspiring custom made jewellery brand, with the Cool London look. Through a few consultation via Skype I've helped Connie with her creative vision,  finding the right locations and vibe for the photo shoot to create a variety of images that would speak Connie's very enthusiastic personality and brand to use on her social media, marketing, PR and website. We kept the styling for the clothes in line with her branding modern and minimalistic.

Connie was a real joy to work with, stepping in front of the camera makes everybody apprehensive, getting out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself is where you will see an amazing transformation. It didn't take long for Connie to get very comfortable in front of the camera, my makeup artist and I had a lot of fun and laughter with Connie during the day. For Connie it was ” An amazing experience, I feel like I'm stepping out of my life for a day“. It's what I'm aiming for with every photo shoot, giving you, an amazing experience, a transformation, see you shining up, connecting with your true self in front of the camera!


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