Set yearly intentions in September

Keep that wonderful holiday feeling to help you boost your life dreams!

I love September, even if it has a back to school feel, in fact, we should start our New Year in September don't you think? I used to love coming back from holidays in my school years, starting to think about the new topics I would be learning, getting my school list ready, items packed in my satchel, new shoes, clothes, all prepped up for the first day at school.

Set yearly intentions in September

Set yearly intentions in September

I would be wondering, what my teachers looked like, would I meet any new schoolmates? Fall in love with a boy joining the school that year? It all had the excitement of new beginnings not knowing what was in store for me. The official New Year never created this kind of anticipation, probably because it's dark and cold in January, while still hot and bright in September. The tree's foliage turning into beautiful colours, packed up, full of energy, after taking a proper holiday and lounging in the sunshine.

So how can you make the most of this beautiful holiday feel to push yourself onto new beginnings in September?

Set priorities and look into what you've wanted to start in January but just gave up because you couldn't face going out at night after a day at work, you know that Spanish class you had in mind while sipping margaritas next to the pool in Barcelona? Go and register now, while you have the energy, shut up the voices telling you I don't have time, you do (try less house cleaning :-)!

Is it time to look for a new home? Move, upgrade or downgrade, stop the dreaming and take action. Every year, when travelling to beautiful places, you feel inspired by change and promise yourself that one day you will buy a pad in the South of France, somewhere in Provence. Start looking for it now while your thoughts are still in holiday mood.

Revamp your style. You never actually made style a priority. Imagine defining it, owning it, get inspired and create a mood board on Pinterest. Start exploring a style that is unique to you, what defines it, which women inspire you. Enjoy the process of understanding who you are, build a new wardrobe with modern and essential pieces, play around with accessories to add your unique touch. Take an appointment at your hairdresser; refresh cut if needed, ad light with colours.

Keep doing projects and take action before the daily routine has dampened your willpower! Get the most out of the holiday energy feel you get from the September sunshine!

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