Increasing your visibility with online content


In this age of information overload, one way to help you increase your online visibility and stand out from the crowded screen is by creating useful and fresh content for your readers.

Every day we are bombarded with news, information, how do we synthesise, how do you choose the relevant content you want to learn from?

1.The answer is, by creating well-researched online content for your readers.

Help them keeping abreast with the latest, relevant, information on your blog. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what they want to read, be clear on what you're standing for and who your reader is.

Help your writing by being organised, set a day in the week to write and research, use an editorial calendar, create a list of 100 blog posts that will assist your readers so you won't be lost for ideas about what to write for your weekly posts. i.e. If your business is wedding planning, be clear about how your business is helping your customers.

FAQ's are a good topic to create blog posts from, do your clients/readers have specific questions about your products? Ingredients, type of food offered for parties.

Some ideas of topics would be, how to help someone plan for their wedding, make their life easier by writing about how to plan ahead.

2.Write from a place of sharing and helping

Your readers want useful information. By doing your daily 30 minutes content research for your readers, trawling websites, following specific blogs, researching, you will give your audience valuable information that they don't have time to find by themselves.

Every week your readers will gleefully read your content, they will trust your expertise because you truly understand their problems, and bringing the ideal solutions through your regular updates.

Content can take any shapes and form; you don't have to write a three pages article, every other day. People love photos, videos, infographics, quick and easy tips that they can apply directly to their daily life and business.

Tools like will help you create charts that have a visual impact; you can then share these images on your blog or social media.

By creating regular content, you will not only increase your online visibility but also extend your community of followers and build trust. People will refer to you as the expert, value what you have to say but also spread the word about you.

3. A call to action

Once you have posted your weekly post don't forget the call to action, ask your audience to share your posts, ask about feedback did they find this information relevant, what else would be helpful, by creating interaction you will build a trustful relationship.

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