How Marie found her way - The story behind her brand

Are you lost? Feeling that the life you are living today isn't aligned with your true purpose? Feel inspired by Marie's brand story and how she did it, finding her way to create a brand focused on her values. When Marie from LifePassionCoaching came to see me discuss her new business and website, I was very taken by her story. Here was someone who'd juggled studying at university while raising a toddler on her own and starting a legal career as a child protection solicitor. If she loved her job, the stress and pressure of such a demanding position were taking their toll; she pushed herself to keep afloat with the job requirements until she decided that enough was enough. Somehow her body found a way to tell her that it was time to move on, her health was faltering, she couldn't cope with extreme exhaustion, something had to give.

Personal BrandingPhotshootforlifepassioncoaching

Personal BrandingPhotshootforlifepassioncoaching

She started her route to recovery, taking the time to rest, listening how she felt inside, understanding how she wanted her life to unfold, moving forward. She took a 90 degrees turn, with the ambition to create an impact in other people's lives as this was her real passion. She trained as a life coach, in EFT techniques and Neurolinguistic Programming to help others on the way to personal development and guide them unfolding their genuine path.

We worked together to understand what she wanted to communicate with her images. With the excitement of launching a new business, reaching out to the world and let people know what you are all about, it was key for Marie to have portraits which would speak for themselves.

How did we do it?

We worked together, understanding her brand, the feel, and style of the images she was after. We also discussed locations for her session. I knew Marie was quite anxious to stand in front of the camera as this was a new experience for her. Getting to know each other, having a makeup artist on board oozed Marie's confidence in front the camera, the fun and enjoyment during the session did the rest.

Marie is proof that you can follow your true self, following a path close to who you are, she was very excited to start her new career as a life coach, and has been thriving since.

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