Creative Direction & Photography

Tell a Powerful Visual Story with Your Brand


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creative direction for your brand’s visuals

You want to take and/or curate your own photographs or and need help about what to put in your images


jazzin’ up your Visuals

Your visuals lack consistency and are not working together, you need help!


Visual content is as powerful as words. In a world where visuals are taking centre stage, you want to make the most of your visual content and let your images do the talking! Creating a visual story that resonates with your target audience is the first step to capture their attention, and turn them into paying customers.


Audit of the number of images you need for your static and variable visual content

We brain storm ideas, about what to say with your visual content,

We set the creative direction for your images (i.e. the visual language, the emotions, the colour tones, .

We make a plan to help you take your own photos and/or curate stock photos or select a done for you option.


At the end of your 4x60 minutes sessions with me, you have full clarity on your brand story and visuals so that you can attract more of your ideal clients and be consistent with your branding.

Starts @£575

  Brand Visuals Creation

with Creative Direction & Styling

you want to:

Take your business to the next level with visual content?

Stand out with your unique story so your clients connect with you from the start?

Get your message across in a more impactful and authentic way?

With The Elegant Brand Studio brand visuals creation services, you get powerful, professional, and beautiful visual content that tells your story right away. You can use your images everywhere to instantly connect with your clients; on social media, in your marketing materials, and on your website.


What you get?

Photography and/or film to that connects and engages your clients and grows your brand and business.

  • Meaningful visual content that sells an experience your clients want to be a part of.

  • Consistency and clarity in your content so your clients become instant fans and loyal customers.


Brand Visuals Creation

with creative direction & styling

Your investment

Depending on the sophistication of the project, creative team, locations and creative direction involved, my visual content creation rates will vary.

brand Visuals creation Package start

@ £875

Monthly content creation packages available



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