How to Create a Distinctive Brand and Stand Out:

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A timesaving solution

Because who has time to spare these days?  As entrepreneurs, we’re all super busy, way too busy to be wasting time trying to get our heads around creating a powerful brand, not quite getting it, trying, rebranding, trying again - basically going round and round in circles.

How to Create a Distinctive Brand and Stand Out is free from filler and fluff. Instead it’s packed full of insights, essential information, tips, ideas and advice to provide you with the tools that you need to create your own unique brand identity.

How to create a distinctive brand and stand out!

Learn to…

_Become your own creative director

- Create a clearly defined direction from day one

- Become clear on your brand message and voice

- Be clear on your ideal client

- Create your own unique and memorable brand style

- Learn to create and curate your own visual content

- Understand what type of visual content will create engagement

- Highlight your USPs

- Attract your dream client



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Meet Rachel

Hi I’m Rachel, and I’m so excited that you’re here!


I already know that you’re passionate about what you do and that you know the value of creating an amazing brand. You have all of the ideas and the potential, you just need a little guidance along the way to make those ideas a reality, and to turn them into tangible results.

It was my passion for how powerful strong branding can be that led me to start my own business. I know firsthand how important it is to create a brand that stands out from the crowd, and now I spend my working day teaching others how to do just that.

My book wraps up all of my expertise into one easy to read e-book, packed full of ideas and information that you can implement in your own business, starting today


Create a powerful brand that resonates with your DREAM client

You probably already know that you should be creating a voice and an image for your brand, but how do you even go about that? Maybe you post content on your social media everyday, you’ve got a website, visuals and maybe even a blog, but somehow it doesn’t gel, your message isn’t clear and your dream clients are looking past you, because right now, you’re just stabbing in the dark.

But stabbing in the dark doesn’t cut it in today’s competitive market. Imagine if you knew how to effectively tell your brand story, what to post everyday to draw your dream client in and how to present yourself to the world to create success for your business. My ebook can help you do just that, to create and build a unique brand that stands out from the crowd, a brand that you can feel proud of and will help you get closer to your income goals...

A ‘no fuss’ approach 

After running my own business for ten years, I know first hand how confusing approaching branding can be. You start searching high and low online, reading all sorts of different guides by different people, and after hours of research, you’re no clearer on how and where you should begin.

My book takes the guesswork out, it cuts the fuss, the faff and the confusion. Instead providing you with clear guidelines so that you can create your own meaningful and impactful brand. A brand that you love, and that your audience will love too… 

Your branding workbook

Your branding workbook


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I enjoyed reading it and implementing changes. I really didn’t think that getting a niche business really worked as I was so set on including lots of different parts to my business....I took onboard your advice and it’s making a massive difference!!!

Helen C.


As a visual artist, I really like the concept of creating a vision board to help define my brand style and to guide my creative direction so I can develop a clear and consistent voice for my brand.

Carolynn A. Visual Artist. Illustrator


Who is this ebook for?

You are a personal brand, a solo entrepreneur, a freelancer, a creative who wants a powerful brand to stand out but is lost with all the information out there. 

Confused where to start? Not getting the clients that you’re aiming for? You know you need help with branding but not in a position to work with a branding agency yet? This ebook is the solution you've been waiting for to build a powerful, consistent brand that speaks your voice and message. 

This ebook will help you get clarity with your branding, stand out with what makes your brand unique. It gives you a strategy to follow steps by steps and asks the right questions to understand who you're serving and what your brand embodies, helping you build a successful business.