How is it more than a photoshoot?

Consider your branding photoshoot as a project from concept to design, created entirely around your vision i.e like designing a new website and creating visual marketing. We start off with a consultation. You will tell me about your brand, your message and who you’re targeting.

We work together before the images are created

Your input will not only help me to create a story for the day but create content with purpose for you to use in your social media, website, marketing and editorial content.  

We will create images based on your message, relating to your brand and choose style and locations for your story.

The Day of production

Imagine your own editorial style photo shoot to feature your personal brand. A full day devoted to you, creating content bespoke to your brand, being photographed in different styles and outfits. 

Everything will be taken care of. We will collaborate together to create your very special photo shoot long before the day of the session.

My trusted and experienced make up artist will take care of the make over for you, working from the brief we have created together.

Do you travel?

Visit the 2019 Destinations page for details about cities available. We can have your business featured in a specific location. I will visit the location with you before the shoot, to discuss ideas and bring extra lighting if needed for the shoot.


I'm nervous! 

I understand your fears and can reassure you, being nervous is ok, it also means that you care a lot about this photoshoot and want to create something meaningful for your business with the right message for your brand. Your nervousness will ease off, with the fun you will experience during the day!

What's in it for me?

Together we will create images that speak about you, your brand, tell your story with inspiring and bespoke visual content, you will have images including portraits, headshots, details and action shots.

I’m lost, what clothing to choose for the shoot?

I will send you recommendations about what to choose and give you the option to work with a trusted stylist that will help you define the image you want to project for your brand.

Do you accept payment plans? 

Of course. I can set up an auto payment plan where you can pay in instalements as long as you've paid in full at least one month before the shoot