Alluring Photos & Engaging Film

This is you!

You’re not just selling a product/ service your brand is all about the experience

Your brand is all about selling an experience, you want this vision to come across in your visuals. You want your ideal client to feel the experience when they’re having a first encounter with your brand, land on your website,

Your brand is all about Joie de Vivre, feeling the love, being alive.

The Elegant Brand Studio is here to help you translate those emotions into meaningful visuals either with a story-telling set of photos or film to invite your ideal audience to connect and engage with your brand.

With these visuals, invite your audience behind the scenes, show your process, make them part of the experience. Create unique visual content for your social media and website.

Depending on the sophistication of the project, creative team, locations, creative direction involved, prices will vary

Basic Projects starting @

Instagram 30-45s video starting @£350

1 hour Portraits in the City Photoshoot starting @£475

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