You have a brand with story to tell, I will help YOU create and curate your images through creative direction, styling and branding strategy to help you sell your products, attract and inspire your ideal audience.




Hello, I am Rachel,  made in Alsace (France), living in London UK.

Photographer, since forever (ok I didn’t start as a toddler!), film buff (Cannes, Venice, Deauville, Sundance, Berlin I’m coming to you...), business coach, visual content creator with great ideas, travel the world addict.

I have been doing photography forever, yes kind of. I had a camera from the age of 10, used to practise fashion photography using my friends as models, loved being inspired by fashion magazines and photographers like Peter Lindbergh, Annie Leibovitz or the late Kate Barry it was easy to imagine myself as a great photographer. 

The reality was way different! It took me 20 years working in sales and marketing to take the leap and follow my heart; I remember it was a September morning probably a Wednesday, when, I stumbled across the University stairs with my Portfolio to be assessed for the Master’s in Fine Art Photography I just had applied for. The universe had another twist in mind for me tough!

From Photography to branding

Be reassured I haven't given up on photography and did complete that MA in Photography, but branding is something that I fell in love with through many of my business failures (more to come soon in that e-book that I’m writing).

What I love about branding is that it’s about you, your story and what makes you unique as a brand. There’s no better way to stand out than showing what makes you unique and that’s your branding’s job!

Branding is key to give a clear, concise message to your audience, your brand should explain what you do, for whom, for what benefit, then on top you can add your special resources mix, the experience you’re giving to your client, why they should work with you, what is different about you.  

Branding will help you build long term relationships have an audience that adheres to your story. When you are very clear about your brand, you understand your audience, your communication is focused on solving the problem they are struggling with. It all makes sense like A+B=C.

Why creative direction?

Working with clients on their personal branding photoshoot I discovered that I loved the creative process behind the shoot as much as doing the photography.  Each brand has a unique story to tell. With visuals being part of the branding process you want them to have a purpose and be strategic to engage your audience. What you want is share visuals that immediately make your ideal client wanting to learn more about you. This means that you to think about your creative direction when creating and/or curating visuals and this is what I’m here to help you with. How does that sound?

My services include

Visual content Art direction

Branding Strategy 

Business Coaching

Rachel behind the scenes




  • Aurelie Lecuyer, Fashion Designs

  • Daniela Vitale, FashionDesigns

  • Rime Arodaky Bridal Designer

  • Galia Lahav, Bridal Designer

  • Audrey Ashley Couture, Bridal Designer



  • Ninka’s Detox, wellbeing coach

  • Connie Cusick, Jewellery Designer

  • Kelly Chandler, Wedding planner

  • Tiffany Joy, Coaching

  • Corinna Tough, Wedding Photography

  • Camilla J Collins, Make-up artist

  • Gabriela Rye, Personal Stylist