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I like to start with this so we can get to know you and your brand better.

Get in touch, complete the form, send and I will come back to you in usually 1 business day. Alternatively contact me via email or book a free consultation here.

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Where do I start?

It all starts with a complementary phone consultation to understand how I can help you and what you’re after.

How can I mix and match?

You might want to start a new project from scratch or rebrand your business, where you need help launching your brand but also with your visual content. The Launch your signature brand package is perfect for you! It includes, bi weekly sessions to be by your side to help your launch, set your brand vision and strategy, includes a photoshoot to create visual content for your brand.

What experience do you have with BUSINESS coaching?

I have over 20 years experience in sales & marketing. In the last ten years I have been going through a few business failures (from jewellery shop to clothing). I have set up a few brands myself, Chiffons-et-Breloques, Funky Jewellery, etc. I was the queen of serial entrepreneurship, went back and forth to the corporate world, mentored Women Entrepreneurs in developing countries via the Cherie Blair foundation.

I graduated as a Life Coach from the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.

In these 10 years I have learned a lot about branding, developing my own brands but also learned by looking at brands that I admire and how they got it so right, if you look at large company like Boden, or a more niche brand like Jenna Kutcher they are spot on, everything in their brand speaks to one ideal client and all their brand styling element, copy, images, fonts, etc, are all in harmony, on top of that add unique personalities behind their brand and you have have what makes a great brand!

I work with clients on a regular basis to help them create a distinctive brand and find new opportunities for their business.

Can you help if I want to take my own photos?

Sure! I will help you set a creative direction for the images of your brand, so you know exactly which type of visual content to create and what to share on your social media feed. Together we will jazz’up your visual content!

I want more than just a headshot!

Perfect! This is what a branding photoshoot is all about to tell a powerful story with your visuals and it requires more than just pressing a shutter from my side and willing to do some homework from your side, but it will be fun and creative! I promise. Visit the featured portfolio here.

Do you travel?

We can have your business featured in a specific location. I will visit the location with you before the shoot, to discuss ideas and bring extra lighting if needed for the shoot.

What’s in it for me?


  • You are clear on who you serve

  • You provide a solution to your ideal's client problem

  • You have a message and values you can share and speak about

  • It's not only about selling, you're telling a story and connecting at an emotional level

  • You are not afraid to go niche

  • You are what makes your business unique

  • You are making a difference with your brand and so are your customers

  • You stand out as an expert

  • You provide a client experience

  • You engage and inspire

  • You build trust

  • You are not for everyone


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