Rachel behind the scenes




I'm Rachel grew up in France watching a ton of movies (French ones obviously,  foreign language ones and lots of independent films too), playing with a camera as often as I could and dreaming of becoming an air stewardess as I imagined my life would involve a lot of travelling!

Sadly the dream did not work out.  Instead, I followed a traditional career path - tried a lot of jobs in my 20's and managed to combine work and travel (I worked in travel agencies and airlines).



After moving onto sales and marketing jobs, dabbling with a few business ventures that failed by making every mistake in the book and being conned by a business partner (more to come in that ebook that I'm planning to publish!), I realised that I'd been missing the point all along!  What I really wanted to do was tell visual brand stories using my camera (movie watching got me somewhere after all!) and explains why I specialise in branding photography & film(My dream now is to direct a movie and get to walk the red carpet in Cannes but I have a long way to go!)


The rules of marketing have changed dramatically with the emergence of the internet and this is your opportunity to make it big and engage with your unique visual brand story.

Rachel xx